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Making The Pitch

Strong Short Pitch

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Strong Union Pitch

The Democrats in this district are fired up. We are the only district in the Lexington area that isn’t represented by a Democrat, which means this is going to be the race to watch and I can get attention and support from across the region. The incumbent, Rep. Chad Covington, is vulnerable — he has barely won his last couple elections, beating challengers by a couple points.

              I’m Nicole Strong, and I’m the candidate who can beat him this time. In addition to the Democrats, I can win over the independents that I need to put me over the top. Polling shows they care about business and education. I’m no stranger to the private sector. As a leader on the communications team of one of the city’s largest employers, Delicious Corporation, I have a strong network in the business community and know what it takes for a business to be competitive in this environment. We need Frankfort to do the right thing and lend a hand.

              I’m also the education candidate. The local teachers’ union endorsed me early because of my track record fighting for teachers and students. I have volunteered with Literacy for All since college and served on their Board for the past several years. My husband, who is a teacher, and I actively supported the teachers of Jefferson County during the strike last year. Meanwhile, Rep. Covington has continuously voted to divert funds from teachers’ pensions — which is core to my family’s future financial stability.

              I’m so honored to have the support of all the local Democratic state representatives and an experienced staff to target and earn the votes we need. We have a strong base of volunteers, with canvasses going on every day. And we’re hearing great feedback from voters.

Ending if she’s at the relationship-building stage: Can we meet next week?

Ending if she’s at the endorsement stage: Your PAC’s donation would mean a lot to me and my campaign. Will you endorse and donate to my campaign for Kentucky’s 33rd District State Representative and recruit your members to volunteer for my campaign?

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