Education Reform

Day in and day out, parents work to ensure their children the brightest future. They trust that the hard earned dollars they pay in taxes will provide the best education in their children's public schools. Unfortunately, this trust has been broken. Nicole Strong has heard too many stories from parents about crumbling infrastructure, outdated computers, and nonculture specific books. As the mother of a 5th grade neighborhood public school student, she takes these stories to heart.


As the 48th District House Representative, Nicole will push for an expanded public education budget in order to fix Georgia’s broken education system and rebuild trust in our communities. With over 1,700,000 students in Georgia’s public school system, Nicole believes that every child in Georgia should have an equal opportunity to succeed and that starts with adequate funding for our public schools.

Transit Investment

While North Fulton County continues to grow, so must our investments in infrastructure. Traffic into and out of Atlanta grinds the Georgia 400 to a halt and forces Roswell residents to add hours to their daily commute. As a commuter, and lifelong resident of Roswell, Nicole Strong knows firsthand the strain this adds to families in North Fulton County.


As a State Representative Nicole Strong will advocate tirelessly for greater investment into expanding mass transit opportunities, starting with expanding MARTA access and encouraging the use of tele-work for State jobs. Nicole will make it a priority to work with state and local partners to explore innovative ways to combat traffic in our area.

Workforce Development

Small business owners are the backbone of the American economy and the backbone of this district, and we should provide them with every possible incentive to excel. Nicole Strong knows this, and will work toward streamlining the bureaucratic process in order to spur entrepreneurship and encourage local business. 


An effective plan matches the state’s workforce needs to the skills development and training requirements of individuals seeking employment. By supporting the work of community colleges and other workforce development organizations, Georgia will lead the way in responding to new and emerging workforce needs and in developing the skills and abilities of our residents.

Living Wage

Georgians are working hard day in and day out, but their paychecks aren’t going as far as they used to. Wages are stagnant but raising a family in Georgia costs more than ever. Nicole supports raising Georgia’s minimum wage so that a person putting in a day’s work earns a living wage.

Right to Choose

With growing attacks on reproductive rights like the recently passed forced pregnancy law, Nicole is dedicated to fighting for the right to choose. Strong knows that restricting or taking away this decision from individuals and their doctors is a direct infringement on freedom and will cost Georgia taxpayers millions of dollars in court. Nicole knows this money would be better spent improving the lives of Georgians, not restricting them.




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