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Candidate for Georiga House of Representatives 48th District


A Fulton County native, Nicole Strong believes in creating a better, healthier community. Nicole’s interest in community service began as a high-school student at Roswell High School, where she volunteered at Literacy-For-All.  Returning to the area after receiving a degree in Communications from Indiana University - Purdue University: Indianapolis, she resumed tutoring at Literacy-For-All.  That’s where she met her husband, Alex, a middle-school teacher in the Fulton County School District.  Nicole and Alex live in Roswell with their daughter, Chloe, and goldendoodle, Sadie.

Nicole has watched and listened as educators around her struggled to maintain high standards for their students due to unprecedented hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with ongoing reductions in public school funding, which increased class sizes and negatively impacted organizations dear to her, like Literacy-For-All, Nicole could no longer sit by while Georgia’s students and educators were disrespected. Earlier this year, Nicole launched her bid to become the Representative for Georgia House District 48. Nicole Strong will advocate for Fulton County educators so they can provide the highest-quality education possible.

On November 6th, we ask you to join the fight for working families across Georgia and vote Nicole Strong!

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